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Northern Monk

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209 Kč / ks

In 2017 we moobed it moobed it with our Brethren at Wylam Brewery. The beer was celebration of hops and a middle finger salute to click bait articles about hops giving you...

NorthernMonk Eternal SessionIPA 330
89 Kč / ks

A product brewed for almost 7,000 years, a quest for perfection that never ends. Citrusy, light and refreshing. To Eternity.Our flagship beer is a World Beer Cup award-winning...

NorthernMonk Faith 440
129 Kč / ks

A Modern Pale Ale packed with soft fruit flavours. Smooth, tropical and juicy. You’ve got to have Faith.

139 Kč / ks

A pale ale hopped with Vic Secret, Enigma, Ella and Topaz. The perfect accompaniment to a Christmas BBQ on an Australian beach.

NorthernMonk GrannysMix 440
130 Kč / ks

Fruited Citra hop IPA with Pineapple and ginger. 5 years ago we launched Northern Monk brewery from the Old Flax Store. We were able to do this because of a £5,000 gift...

199 Kč / ks

Heaven Imperial Stout. A truly decadent stout aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels and packed with all the things nice. Treat yourself to heaven in a glass.

NorthernMonk NeapolitamIceCream 330
119 Kč / ks

A sweet pale ale that recreates the flavours of classic neapolitan ice cream with the additions of lactose, strawberries and chocolate sauce.Brewed in Collaboration with Little...

99 Kč / ks

The first hops from the new world arrived on UK shores in the 1800's. Packed with a new world of flavour. Citrus, zest and pine. This is our tribute. New World IPA is our brave...

NorthernMonk MochaPorter 330
89 Kč / ks

Coffee flavours in dark beer are always a glittering combination. Our Northern Star Mocha Porter takes this to another level, as we blend in ground coffee beans to the brew,...

119 Kč / ks

A homage to the origins of IPA and the evolution of this style. Piney, juicy and crisp, Gluten-free and Vegan. The evolution of tradition

179 Kč / ks

It turns out many members at Northern Monk have a soft spot for a certain Caribbean grapefruit flavoured soft drink which rhymes with King. Most of us at one time or another...

160 Kč / ks

We used a large percentage of oats in the grist to provide a soft, full mouthfeel and accentuated this by fermenting with WLP066 London Fog yeast. The result is a smooth and...

179 Kč / ks

For this collaboration with Manchesters Good Measure; a brand with no interest in the commercial spin of black Friday, we decided to put together this jet black brew with a nod...

NorthernMonk PatronsProject807
150 Kč / ks

As always with our gold editions, we wanted to finish with a bang! Sticking with a lager style (as we have throughout the series), we settled on the clean, freshness of a Kolsch...


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