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Uiltje BirdOfPray 330
99 Kč

Fruity IPA with a strong - typical  Uiltje  - hoppy character. Tropical fruit and citrus fruit and of course a strong bitter finish.

Uiltje BlackDress 330
109 Kč

Ah yes, the little black dress (LBD). RIP Audrey, as in Hepburn, who catapulted the LBD to fashion icon and closet staple just by staring through a window at Tiffany’s. Well,...

Uiltje BuddyBeer 440
149 Kč

Black barley wine  brewed  with candied fruit and heaps of American hops

Uiltje CascadeCrocodile 440
129 Kč

India Pale Weizen s chmelem Cascade.

Uiltje CentennialCenterpide 440
129 Kč

Single Hop Ale s chmelem Centennial

Uiltje CucumberSour 440 2
129 Kč

From proletarian staple to urban cocktail queen, our puckery Berliner Weiss pays respect to the ultimate garnish accoutrement. Uhu, the cucumber. More Robin than Batman, more...

Uiltje DrRaptor 330
129 Kč

Welcome to the masterclass of Dr. Raptor. Some say he is totally out of control… and they are probably right. This is the playground of Dr. Raptor, and he makes up his own rules!

Uiltje MooseOnTheLoose 440 2
139 Kč

Double dry-hopped New England IPA

Uiltje Trackdown 330
99 Kč

New England Session IPA

Uiltje Wingman 330
99 Kč

Fresh watermelon Wit beer.

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