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Pinta AtakChmielu 500
99 Kč

One of our first beers – Atak Chmielu is an insanely hopped AIPA. Red-copper in color, full-bodied, with a bunch of citrus in taste and aroma. Citrus, floral,...

Pinta HavanaStout 500
109 Kč

Tropical, extended version of stout - foreign stout! We spiced it whith brown Muscovado sugar and pure molasses. We also aged it on rum (Stroh 80%) macerated oak. We hopped it...

Pinta HazyMorning 750
99 Kč

 very aromatic, light, smooth and fruity American Pale Ale. It has been brewed with the use of more than 50% wheat malts and oat flakes. Hopped only for aroma - at the end...

Pinta IIPPAA 500
109 Kč

It's a West Coast styled Double IPA. What does it mean? The beer has to be intensively hopped. It should be very bitter and dry. To make sure our IIPPAA has a rich citrus aroma,...

Pinta KoniecSwiata 500
119 Kč

Thick mash infiltrates through a layer of fresh-cut juniper branches. Filtrate is not boiled but immediately treated with yeast cake. After a dozen of days cloudy, non-aerated...

Pinta KwasXY 500 SourMarakuja
119 Kč
Pinta ModernDrinking 500
99 Kč

Modern Drinking is everything we know about West Coast IPA in one bottle. Whilst picking hops in Yakima Valley (USA), brewers from Portland have only one rule. We have...

Pinta Sanrajza
Pinta Sanrajza
89 Kč
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