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  • safale us 04
    English Ale yeast displaying fast fermentation and excellent sedimentation (flocculation) properties
  • Spicy, estery flavours ideal for continental beer styles. The right choice for bottle-conditioning.
  • safale us 05
    Ready-to-pitch American ale yeast for well balanced beers with low diacetyl and a very crisp end palate. Available in 11.5g...
  • safbrew be 256
    Yeast recommended to brew abbey type beers known for their high alcohol content. It ferments very fast and reveals subtle and...
  • safbrew s 33
    Robust, high alcohol tolerant yeast for a wide range of top fermented beers.
  • Akce
    A speciality yeast selected for wheat beer fermentations. The yeast produces subtle estery and phenol flavour notes typical of...
  • Fermentis Saflager S-189
    From the Hurlimann brewery Switzerland. Neutral flavor development for a large range of lager and pilsen beers.
  • saflager s 23
    Originating from the famous VLB institute in Germany, true lager yeast capable of producing continental lagers with fruity,...

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