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Axiom Ascent PastrySourIPA 330
79 Kč

Crossover is the key term for this beer.  How do you combine a beer and a milkshake and a pastry together with a tart juice in one beverage?  It may sound like a...

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80 Kč

Classy – like your custom-made suit.Tough – as a fist flying in straight into the jaw.Knotty – like a daring robbery masterplan. Our American Barleywine has an American name;...

Axiom FoamClimb 330
59 Kč

Nothing is stronger associated with the US west coast than surfing. And so Foam Climb is inspired by surfers, as depicted in the 1991 cult film “Point Break”. Starring young...

Axiom GreekFire ImperialStout 330
89 Kč

Greek Fire is the legendary combustible mixture consisting of crude petroleum, sulfur and oil that could not be extinguished and offered a decisive advantage to the naval forces...

65 Kč
Axiom SchokoBananenStout 330 PastryStout
89 Kč

Our Hungarian friends at Horizont Brewery had a great idea. They love banana foam chocolate. Together we contemplated to brew it; in our brewery. It is a little bit out of the...

Axiom SourStation RaspberryBerlinerWeisse 330
69 Kč

Malinový Berlnier Weisse z Prostějova, jemně okořenený chmelem Chinook

Axiom Tenzing Porter Can 330
55 Kč

Like Tenzing, this beer is robust. Rich, black and direct, yet smooth and jovial. Try it with your barbecued meats or vanilla ice cream. 

Axiom Universum ImperialStout 330
99 Kč
Axiom VibeCheck TripleNEIPA 330
79 Kč

First thing to notice here: the deep orange color, matching the higher alcohol content. Second thing: HOPS! On the nose, on the tongue, attacking the senses in both fronts. Let...

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