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Stone Brewing Neverending Haze 0,355 Session Kveik IPA

This is a unique IPA! There is a lot of flavor intensity throughout this beer… especially for a 4% ABV IPA. Stone Brewing is known for big beers with ample alcohol, but we have also made beers just as flavorful at a lower ABV and this beer is a shining example. Steve Gonzalez, Senior Manager of Small Batch Brewing and Innovation has been experimenting over the last few years with some different yeast strains, especially a centuries-old – but just recently more available – Norwegian strain called Voss Kveik Ale yeast. This very warm fermented yeast produces intense orange citrus notes, which work perfectly with the intense fruit aromas and flavors of Mosaic and Citra hops. We are excited to kick off another great beer year with this new release!

Kód: 11229
Značka: Stone
119 Kč / ks
Kategorie: Pivo dle stylu
Objem (ml): 355
Stupňovitost: 11
Alkohol (%): 4
Styl: Hazy Kveik IPA
Typ Obalu: plechovka
Složení: Voda, SLAD, upravený chmel

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