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Slovinské pivo

Lobik IsntItGoodNorwegianWood 330
159 Kč / ks

Hoppy, herbal, funky, fruity, hazy! This collab with Lobik and Chien Bleu is a Kveik IPA with Dutch Malts, Slovenian Hops and Swiss herbs and fermented with a Norwegian...

Lobik AbleArcher 330
159 Kč / ks

Double New England IPA with 8,3% alcohol, special liquid yeast and 40g/l. Citra, Mosaic, Amarillo and Galaxy lead this almost pre-apocalyptic DDH DNEIPA.

Lobik Andromalius 330
199 Kč / ks

Imperial Stout. taste about chocolate and cocoa, nothing crazy intense but brutally drinkable and smooth

Lobik PopeJuice 330
139 Kč / ks

New Enlgand IPA with Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe

Lobik Faustus 330
129 Kč / ks

Chocolate Stout. Silné pivo pro chladné zimní večery.

Lobik ApocalypseNow 330
129 Kč / ks

This modern APA is remarkable because of its intense tropical fruity aroma, mostly consisting of mango, grapefruit and passion fruit. The rich aroma follows through on the...

Lobik HopHazard 330
129 Kč / ks

This orange juice like beer offers the most amazing combination of fruity aromas, that will transport your mind to the depths of the tropical forest. One of the latest...

Lobik Champion 330
119 Kč / ks

American Pale Ale with hops Citra, Cenntenial 

Lobik LastDroputTheBruce 330
139 Kč / ks

Last true boyband of our generation. Made with new experimental New Zeland hop with awesome name - THE BRUCE 

Lobik MakeDespacitoGreatAgain 330
159 Kč / ks

Haza Triple New England IPA - 3,91 na Untappd!

Lobik Svarun 500
129 Kč / ks

This lightly bitter English style ale is refreshing and easy to drink. Its flavours and aromas include hints of caramel, sweet fruit and elderflower. It is brewed only with...

Lobik TheGoodTheBadTheLobik 330
159 Kč / ks

It’s a standoff betweeen you, hops and alcohol. Who wins?

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